Furniture made out of an old escalator by gabarage

Todays post is about an object that I did not expect to find as an upcycle project.

I came across this upcycle design furniture series that I loved it right away and was very surprised to see which object was used. The design, called ‘de_escalator‘, is made out of an upcycled escalator and the design is by an upcycle design company called gabarage, based in Vienna | Austria.

Escalator parts used to create stunning furniture

The bench and the table both are made from actually used and replaced (usually due to damage) escalator segments form the Viennese subway system. Daniel Strobel from gabarage: “Thankfully given to us by the ‘Wiener Linien‘ which is the service provider of all public transport in vienna. Unfortunately though, we can not get hold of as many of those segments as we would like. But that is one of the many challenges in upcycling design – you can’t just call a supplier and ‘order’ more!”

All edges are carefully rounded and the result is a stunning looking design with a surprisingly comfortable bench that has a guaranteed eye-catcher factor. They have been designed for a specific project by one of their chief designers: Michael Hensel.


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